Author Interview

Interview With Shaunte McFarland, Child Advocate & Author
Posted by AYO MARY AJAYI on Dec 20, 2014

Hello Dr. Shaunte McFarland, Some Wonderful woman I have out here, :p I Know you or let’s say I know what I know, now let’s be fair to others, let’s meet Dr. Shaunte? Tell us about you…
Hi everyone. Well, I’m the realest, tell-like-it-is, without being hurtful, friend that you’ve ever met. I’m a small town, country, woman that’s managed to keep it simple in a complicated world. I’m also a teacher, child advocate and women’s minister.

Oh My! I went through some of your memoirs and they were so fantabulous, ”Cinderella Still Going To The Ball” and of course ” Seven Days of Redemption” and then this statement struck chords. I thought wow..
”This exclusive glimpse is implicitly triggering for survivors of physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse. This inspirational memoir takes a quantum leap into uncharted territory. It incorporates a pleasant contrast as a story of strength, forgiveness and grace. Its tenacity will endow you with the strength to forgive, accept and ultimately leave you bolstered with the profound hope in the redemptive power of Christ.”
What are the concepts into these beautiful pieces of writing, they seem to encompass so much of your experiences which you have really turned into that wonderful piece of shiny diamond and it’s so amazing, I see CHRIST playing the major role as it all unfolds, I like to know more…
Yes, I was looted at the age of four. Polluted at the age of 13 and diluted at the age of 23. I went through my life not just accepting the horrible things that happened to me but accepting the idea that I deserved to be raped and beaten; that I was worthless. I fought back through accomplishments, thinking that if I earned enough awards and acknowledgements I could prove my assailants wrong. I was still empty on the inside, the thoughts and memories left me void. CHRIST is the one who saved me in my adulthood; He took me on a look back at my life so I could see just why I needed salvation and how gracious and precious His gift is. And now that void is filled. I’m worthy because He said I was worth it.

I also see that child advocate personality shown through your writings and styles, how do you go about the empowerment factor and cultivation of women and children?
I work with children who have been victims of sex-trafficking, physical abuse and have committed murder. I do not condemn or treat them any different knowing their past. But I inspire and uplift them to heal from their past and continue to live a full and accomplished life. I have compassion for them because I know how it feels to be rejected, working with me, they know that they are accepted and have hope of a bright future. After all, I used to be them. I don’t share my entire story with them but they know that I had it hard but I made it and they can too. In 2012, I started the non-profit organization CJ’s Friends to provide clothes and shoes to the children of homeless families. Currently, I am a member of several organizations that support my passion like the National Empowerment Program for Women and Children in Liberia and Court Appointed Special Advocates or CASA here in Hawaii. I am also collaborating with Ashley Williams, of, to host an annual women’s conference here in Hawaii. We are holding sessions on financial literacy, spiritual health, and physical wellness.

I’d really encourage women worldwide to follow your bog writings, Have you got upcoming projects we should look forward to and what about any of which you are currently dedicated to?
Yes I do. I have a devotional, Seven Days of Redemption, that will be released on Christmas Day. It will be gifted to all of my subscribers free of charge on December 25th. It will really prepare and propel women into their new season. I am anxiously awaiting the release of my inspirational memoir, “Cinderella’s Still Going to the Ball”, women that have got their hands on the preview copy have called and emailed me, telling me how it changed their life, how they were bound by their abusive past and have been set free. I was overwhelmed by the responses I got. Women have witnessed to me in tears telling me about their story. They were still so wounded but the power of God was helping them to recognize it and finally heal. Some have agreed to share their story on my site and I am looking forward to publishing their stories to encourage even more women. They will get to see the Cinderella story through so many lenses. Stories can be anonymous or not and sent to

I have to do this and this is where experience takes the seat, this is where knowledge takes the seat, and expertise takes his seat and then CHRIST takes the MASTER SEAT, kindly fling out all the pieces of useful advice I could get, mothers could get, fathers could get, children could get, even youths, the world needs this..
When Cinderella first met the prince, she was in a breathtaking ball gown, her hair and makeup was perfect, she wore the most beautiful and skillfully spun glass slippers. Basically, she was flawless. But when he came to her house she had on tattered, dirty garments, a servant’s apron, her face was smudged with cinders and she didn’t own any shoes. The Prince saw the truth. He saw who she really was; a rejected, neglected, needy nobody. And he walked over to her boldly, put the glass slipper on her foot and gave her a place in his kingdom. That’s CHRIST in our lives. We are all rejected, neglected, needy nobodies in need of a Savior. And CHRIST seeing our past, flaws, hurts, and sins says, “Come, I have prepared a place for you.”