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What About Me: The Military Spouse's Guide to Living and Thriving

Indeed, we have married men that are called to serve and protect the country we love so dearly. But the truth of the matter is that we have been called as well. We have a divinely assigned purpose in life.

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Pretty in Pink Empowerment Academy for Girls

Pretty in Pink, Empowerment Academy for Girls is a faith-based, society of distinguished young ladies that aim to promote and maintain high standards of positive girlhood.

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McFarland Christian Academy

McFarland Christian Academy is a fully accredited private online school staffed by certified and highly qualified teachers. We offer a unique blend of a homeschool setting with the structure of a Christian school.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! Please check your email:) The devotionals have been sent!! As of December 26th I will not be allowed to gift anyone with a book per my contract with Amazon. If you have not subscribed yet and would like a copy please message me. Thank you for your continued support. Much love, Dr. Shaunte’

Put On Yo’ Play Clothes

I grew up in a small town during the, “kids go outside and play after school” era. The era when it was safe to allow children to go outside without a cell phone, body camera or tracking device. The era when children weren’t given two hours of homework to complete per night in the first

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I hope that a change comes.

With all of the issues that we have faced in the past as an ethnic group, it has been more than difficult for many African-Americans to solicit help. Especially, when it pertains to our families. The closest some African-Americans have come to accepting help is health insurance. All other instances of help are unwarranted and

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