Building strong children.

My sons have a remarkable resemblance to my husband’s character. In their own way they daily display the origin of their existence through minute yet recognizable micro expressions.

My oldest son, the Beta is a natural tough guy. Even though he battles sickle cell anemia he often tries to stifle and hide any pain he may go through. I have to pay close attention to his daily activities and the slightest change in his temperament. He’s not a big complainer and I have to beg him to take pain meds. However, like physical pain, he often hides emotional pain. When his father is away and he misses him really bad, he will become very withdrawn. He will even get under his bed and “deal with” his sadness. But, he can count on me to get under there with him and check on him. I know that people enjoy their alone time. Especially, an introvert like my son but, I never want him to think that he is in this thing alone. I also don’t want him to develop a negative habit of keeping hurtful things bottled up.

Our youngest son, the Charlie, thrives on quality time. Even if we’re not engaging in conversation or play, he enjoys being with his family; the mere physical presence. So when my husband is away, he tends to yearn overcompensation from me. I don’t shun him for it but, I recognize that these are his needs. It doesn’t make him weak or incapable of self-soothing.

It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men. -Frederick Douglass

My boys have an excellent example of a strong man in their lives. My husband has a great balance and I admire him for that. Our children are truly blessed to have a man in their lives that is forgiving, patient, praying, and strong. The images of their father is a man that not only carries and READS the Bible to cover his soul but also carries an M4 carbine to protect our nation.

I bragged on my husband a bit but, all glory to God for answering my prayers. For building my husband into the man he is today.

We are very intentional about raising our children. We understand that the spiritual warfare against their destiny started the day they were born. We must protect them. We must “build” them as best we can.

I make it my duty every morning to pray over them and to do morning affirmations. Even at one and four years old. They will know:

“I am smart. I am strong. I am loved. I am accepted. I am blessed. I am who God says I am. No more. No less.”