#TestimonyTuesday for me is real #cathartic. I knew this Spring that I was getting ready to walk into a wilderness experience. It was like driving up the coast, headed inland. I could see the dry, isolated and barren desert ahead. I was not looking forward to this season but I was willing to go through, to get to. To get to the inevitable fruit bared after maturation and growth. 

Ultimately, if I don’t keep it real with anyone, I have learned to always keep it 💯 with myself. I have lots of areas that need to be “tweaked” but I hate to have them touched. 

I am the most introverted, extroverted person you will ever meet. I know I neeeed to work on things but I don’t like people to point out what needs to be done. *whispers even God😬 

When God corrects me I know I’m wrong. But like everybody else’s child, I can be hard-headed. My Mama used to say a hard-head, make a soft-tail. And my tail is tender 😩

I’ll explain more on 11.11.17 in my new memoir #TestimonyTuesday: Keeping it Real. ‘Cause fake never helped anyone.