God is Not Cough Syrup

The most dissapointing behavior to witness is someone using the people of God and seemingly God Himself to momentarily heal their illness. 

Any physician will tell you that common cough and cold syrups do not actually cure a cold but suppresses its symptoms. 

Even though the cold is not gone after taking the medicine you will “feel” better. 

People come to me all the time for a word of wisdom, to pray for them or a family member in a tough time. I’m honored and obliged because it’s what I’m called to do. The sad part is often times after they receive a word, “get goosebumps” and the turbulent time is over for them,  they go right back into living under the relentless strong arm of unrighteousness. 

Instead of leading a healthier spiritual life and “keeping their hands clean” to ward off the sickness they dive right back into it. The symptoms come back and they are back to the counter for a spoon full. 

God is not Robitussin DM. Allow him to change your life forever and honor him with your whole life not just in your moment of need.