Vision Casting and Lantern Release 2017

What: “Me Time” is a devout, unorthodox Christian Bible Study for women. It is led by myself, Dr. Shaunte’ McFarland, and will feature a variety of women of who have a heart to encourage, support and inspire others. Me Time Meet Ups are held the first Tuesday of each month on Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Unlike traditional Bible Study groups, Me Time Meet Ups will feature interactive, engaging and experiential sessions covering the lifestyle of a Christian woman.

This will be our first “Me Time Meet Up”. We will meet first at Waikulu Community Center to discuss the vision (goals and dreams) we have for ourselves in 2017, write them on the lanterns and then head to Ft. Hase Beach to launch our prepared lanterns.

Doing this gives us a visual of what we have declared over our lives and create a lasting memory to cherish for ever. Us girls tend to enjoy those type of things:)

Why: We are always striving to be better wives and better mothers. It’s so easy to lose our individuality in this process. Through “Me Time: Redefining Womanhood” God will impart to us relevant wisdom on living a full life and embracing who we truly are.

When: Tuesday, January 3rd at 6:00PM -7:30PM

Where: Waikulu Community Center then Ft. Hase Beach

Who: Dr. Shaunte’ McFarland

Cost: FREE

Limited spots available. You must register to reserve your lantern.
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