Fight or Flight?!?

On June 11, 2016 ESPN released what has been dubbed “the most powerful and essential documentary about class, race and gender in America in years”-O.J. Simpson: Made in America. I would have to agree it was a very powerful documentary that truly explored the depth of race relations  at the time. 

Extract the celebrity case of OJ Simpson and you have America 2016. Once again citizens are being murdered and beaten by police. The major difference now is technology. The ability to film and instantly share experiences of injustices have incited the passionate sympathies of citizens domestic and abroad.

 Which led me to derive some contrasts and comparisons of my own. During the Civil Rights Movement they were four different types of people:

  • The ones who became radical and sought to completely isolate themselves from the rest of America. 
  • The ones who irrationally ran to violence which led to the unjust death and injury of innocent bystanders. 
  • The ones who did nothing. Absolutely nothing to help, which actually aided the side of evil. 
  • The ones who sought the help of the Lord through prayer and nonviolent demonstrations. 

These groups of people were decided by the fundamental physiological response otherwise know as fight or flight. This is a human beings automatic response in order to protect itself from perceived hurt, harm or threat of survival. 

As a Christian, I am intuitively inclined to run to God in the time of need. Not just for my personal predicaments but also for the circumstances of others. On Wednesday, July 6, 2016 my response was no different after I watched from my cell phone, two men die at the hands of police officers. And again on July 9, 2016 when innocent policemen were slain in the line of duty on live broadcasts. My heart was broken and I was devastated. I was truly at a loss. I couldn’t believe what was happening in my beloved country, AGAIN! 

I barely slept the nights following. I was worried about my husband. He’s an active duty marine that has served for the past 13 years. When he’s in uniform he gets insurmountable thanks you’s, respect and support. But out of uniform…he just fits the description. And what about my sons?! When doubtful emotions came I went into prayer and God spoke to me clearly-PRAY. Gather the women and pray. Cover the men in prayer. I’m not the only woman with this burden on her heart. Jesus Christ has promised that when 2 or 3 are gathered in His name, He would be in our midst. 

On Friday, July 15th women from around the world will be in prayer to cover our men–Fathers, Grandfathers, Husbands, Sons, Friends and Cousins. We will #coverourmen. Join us!! Add a picture of the man or future man you will be covering in prayer here and join us in prayer. If you cannot join the call please fast during the hour. 

I have faith that our prayer meeting and fast will move mountains and obtain favor of the King!!!