Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Conference 2015 in Los Angeles, CA

HWW Conference 2015-Los Angeles, California







Saturday, October 3, 2015 I had the honor and privilege of speaking at the Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Conference hosted by Mrs. Wendy Gladney-Dean of Forgiving for Living, Inc. I spoke to girls and women on the topic of holistic health or health focused on the “whole woman” and not just the physical. I shared methods that have the healing effects of medicine that do not come in a pill or liquid form. A way to administer invisible medicine for invisible ailments; broken hearts, wounded spirits and stressed minds.

As I spoke and gave my personal testimony of focusing on my own holistic health, many hearts began to open and I was asked the question in every session without prompt:”how do you forgive?” It was an easy question for me to answer since I had in-depth experience with this concept. It was a question I had asked myself several times in the past. I had been told over and over, “forgive, forgive” but no one explained how. I spent a week in my apartment years ago fasting and praying and God showed me how. It was a painful and awakening process that I was able to share with young ladies who so desperately wanted to forgive, be released from their shackles of hurt and move onward and upward with their lives. It was an invaluable experience that left the young ladies that I spoke to and myself changed for the better, forever.