Why You Should Not Go Natural in 2015!!!

Forget Going Natural, I’m Going Organic in the New Year!!

A great way to reduce your exposure to chemicals and unhealthy food ingredients is by starting organic gardening in your own back yard.

I plan on bearing a lot of “fruit” in my garden in 2015.

Before I start “growing” my garden I had to learn the art of pruning.

Pruning helps your fruit trees resist failure, provide clearance and improve aesthetics, while promoting long life.
If you want to inherit all of the above in 2015. You need to prune right now in 2014.

Prune your self of unhealthy relationships, unhealthy people, unhealthy activities, unhealthy tv shows, unhealthy reading materials and unhealthy habits.

It’s time to get those scissors out and do a spiritual big chop;)

Looking for a way to do this. Check out my devotional Seven Days of Redemption: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RFY3L5K